Walkabout Camels
Common training topics addressed:
• Safety
• Grooming, feeding, and general care
• Halter breaking
• Leading
• Saddling and first rides
• Cushing
• Free reining
• Driving
• Eliminating bad behavior

All training sessions are tailored to your needs.

Warrick will work one on one with you and your camel, educating you on proper technique and
handling so you can continue to train and develop a respectful relationship with your camel.
Please contact us for pricing and availability!
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Training Photos
March 2005- Wild camel round up in Australia.
August 2007- Warrick worked with horseman Dennis Reis on desensitizing a horse to a camel.
March 2008- Warrick helped horseman Ken McNabb with a demonstration and raced him!
March 2008- Training a 7 month old Bactrian camel.
March 2009- Working with an adult Bactrian camel.
April 2009- Warrick traveled to Kentucky Down Under to train their 2 year old Dromedary.
June 2009- Laura and Warrick took Hardy and Zambee to the Pawnee Grasslands in                 
                    Southeast Colorado for a trail ride.
July 2009- Walkabout Camels traveled to Loma, CO to train All's Welcome camels.