Walkabout Camels
Warrick's private instruction has allowed us to communicate clearly with our new baby
camel and our progress has been remarkable. We are now on the right track and feel
confident moving forward thanks to his helpful guidance and experience.
                                                                              - Jill W. Boulder, CO
Being an experienced camel owner, the information I received from Warrick is more
effective than any of the training videos/ books/DVDs/clinics that I've used in the past.
I am so thankful that I took the opportunity to work Warrick. I saw first hand how truly
Anyone that owns a camel – even if they think it's trained- would benefit from a
weekend with him. The tools, information and knowledge he afforded me is honestly
invaluable. After implementing what I’ve learned from Warrick, I truly have a trained
and reliable camel that I’m very proud of.

                                                                       -Daniel W. Jefferson, GA  
I am so thankful to Warrick for giving me my first camel lesson! Thanks to him, my girl
Tazzie and I are moving in the right direction to having a long,
respectful, and loving
relationship. We learned some basics in ground respect, and now have a much better
idea of how to correctly execute some simple ground maneuvers. We are also
enjoying our morning walks everyday now that we know how to deal with the little
things that camels can do along the way!  Camels are similar to training horses, but
still have their differences.  I don't think I would be on the right path with my limited
knowledge about camels without Warrick.  Thank you so much!

-Kim L. Silverthorne, CO  
Warrick is a great teacher, informative, and knowledgeable about camels. Being an
experienced camel owner, I found his techniques to be very helpful and he is a
pleasure to work with. Teaching me how to correct without over correcting, when to
give and when to take, and how to trust your camel and be trusted by your camel,
helped build a better work/ play environment for me and my camels. I use [what] he
taught me on a daily basis regardless it be with horses or my camels. He will give
even the most experienced camel owner something to think about.

-Maggie R. All's Welcome Camel Company: Loma, CO
Working with Warrick was an enjoyable and educational experience. I was especially
impressed with the immediate results in the animal’s demeanor when exposed to
round pen and ground work, which I always thought was exclusive to training horses.  
I have also incorporated into my daily routine many of the nutritional, safety and
handling techniques Warrick so generously shared.  

-Gary G. Garland, NE