Warrick Bergroth, an Australian native, always had a
connection with camels. After growing up with them in the
outback of Australia, owning them was second nature.

Not only does Warrick have life long experience with camels,
but also he has returned to Australia numerous times over the
past seven years to continue his education. He has been on
many treks through the outback, and even rounded up wild
camels there! Working with long time camel owners,
operators, and friends, Barrier Range Camel Safaris, Warrick
Walkabout Camels
was able to further his education, refine his skills, and put this knowledge to use
upon returning home to Colorado.

Warrick is able to provide a level of expertise that no other camel trainer in the U.S.
can offer. Not only has he worked with the best camel trainers in the world, but also
the best horseman. After working with legends like Ray Hunt, Jack Brainard, Bryan
Neubert, Dennis Reis, Buck Branaman, Marty Marten, and many more, he has
applied his
natural horsemanship knowledge to the camels, allowing him to
effectively communicate with camels and accomplish tasks quickly.

Tired of not having one-on-one interaction with an experienced camel instructor,
having your specific problems addressed, or getting the results you want? Many
claim they can train, but none can deliver like Warrick. Don't settle for anything but
the best when it comes to training you and your camel. You will not be disappointed!

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Warrick Bergroth